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please flirt, gives me booners
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2020/03/29 5:26:50 PM UTC

@TomNovak is he trying to give people malaria?

2020/03/29 1:54:24 AM UTC

This just made my day.

My 15 year-old daughter has been watching movies with her friends during the quarantine and they talk on Discord during it.

Me: "What are you guys watching tonight?"

Her: "Well, imagine like Spaceballs, but for Lord of the Rings. It's called Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

😂 Dead

2020/03/29 5:19:17 PM UTC

@tuxcrafting @alayna @nova most of the time it will announce “disk in use” and refuse to.

2020/03/29 5:12:54 PM UTC

@RUSHIFA ye, it would honestly make more sense if it was social justice types going “you forced your gf into porn for money!”. In all reality he got the benefits of pimping with out his gf getting penetrated.

2020/03/29 4:59:24 PM UTC

@healyn mastodont can only have 4 options lol

2020/03/29 4:51:02 PM UTC

@mewmew she made an only fans, she’s been one to do lewds for a bit any way :shrug_yui: . He said he fully supports it in a joking way cause he just wants to see her naked more like a regular dude. People start calling him simp, cuck, etc a bunch of drama and random faggots become all butt hurt about it “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT IDUBBZ!!!”. Basically gave the assessment i did when i heard about it, “Sex work doesnt bug me and shes not having sex with other guys, why should i care if random dudes are jerking off to her pictures?”

2020/03/29 4:47:35 PM UTC

@RUSHIFA ya, i mean he basically said how i felt about it. Why the fuck should i care if losers jerk off to my girl friend?

2020/03/29 4:41:36 PM UTC

@shampoobottle moms too high on pain killers to wake up anyway good luck nerd

2020/03/29 4:37:43 PM UTC

lel idubbz addressed his gf thing

2020/03/29 4:35:42 PM UTC

@shampoobottle no i get to be the fed fuck off

2020/03/29 4:34:39 PM UTC

@shampoobottle if anyones a fed it is probably me

2020/03/29 4:33:55 PM UTC